Get more conversions from your budget.

Our Performance Exchange technology allows you to purchase performance-based traffic faster, easier
and more cost-efficient than ever before. All while having full insights, transparency and control.
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Open marketplace

We provide the technology platform that allows traffic supply (publishers) and demand (advertisers, agencies, networks) to engage and trade directly. Irrespective which of our solutions (private or whitelabel) you choose, you have full access to the 1st global marketplace for online and mobile performance traffic. Everyone connected to the platform shares the same ad inventory and offer database.

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Automated trading

Imagine performance-based traffic buying and selling were as direct, fast and easy as finding "matches" on a dating app. Our trading desk functionalities enable all users to close deals within seconds. You can create and accept trades manually or let the system handle your trades fully automatic based on your parameters and settings.

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Market transparency

We thought it is time to make the rather abstract concept of "market transparency" more concrete by aggregating all our conversion data into market indexes. Those indexes show the market performance and pricing per traffic type (online, mobile), vertical and country. Now you know if you over or underperform and if your pricing is competitive compared to the market average and your main competitors.

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What if your traffic sources and marketing tools
were already build into the platform?

Convert TCX

Convert TCX predicts when a visitor is about to leave your site without converting and responds with a customized message leading to more sign-ups, conversions and improved customer experience.

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Retain TCX

Retain TCX helps you to reconnect to people who have recently left your site without completing their purchase. Send a personalized message to the captured email to tempt them to return to their shopping card.

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Freeze TCX

Once your customers enter your checkout page no new cookies are set. The basket freeze enables you to optimize your attribution model based on the added value of each traffic channel and source.

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